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OpenAIREplus: the European Scholarly Communication Data Infrastructure

Article paru dans la revue D-Lib :  Manghi, Paolo, Lukasz Bolikowski, Natalia Manold, Jochen Schirrwagen, et Tim Smith. « OpenAIREplus: the European Scholarly Communication Data Infrastructure ». D-Lib Magazine 18, no 9/10 (septembre 2012) :

OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) are EC funded projects (Dec 2009 — May 2014) whose goals are to realize, enhance, and operate the Open Access European scholarly communication data infrastructure. This paper describes the high-level architecture and functionalities of that infrastructure, including services designed to collect, interlink and provide access to peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications (from repositories), datasets (from dataset archives), and projects of the European Commission and national funding schemes (from CRIS systems).

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