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Guide du droit d’auteur : usage et création des ressources numériques

Ce guide traite des questions juridiques soulevées en droit de la propriété intellectuelle par l’usage et la création des ressources numériques dans les établissements d’enseignement français. Les questions relatives au droit à l’image y sont aussi envisagées.

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Adapting the EU Copyright Rules to the Digital Transformation

European Parliamentary Research Service (15/07/2014). Adapting the EU Copyright Rules to the Digital Transformation.

The initiative to modernise the EU copyright framework was launched in May 2011 in the European Commission’s strategy on “A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights” and pursuant to actions in the Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe. In December 2012, the Commission then published a “Communication on Content in the Digital Single Market” in which it aims to complete the review in 2014, followed by legislative reform proposals, as appropriate. Although two new Directives in specific areas of copyright – on orphan works (2012) and on the collective management of copyright (2014) – have since been adopted, a White Paper is now expected, and should be accompanied by an ‘Impact Assessment’, which will in fact be a presentation of detailed policy orientations and options in advance of decisions on specific Commission initiatives (legislative and non-legislative). According to the CWP 2014, its Annexes, and the 2013 Roadmap, the review seeks to achieve a modern framework that fosters innovative practices, creativity, cultural diversity, new business models, guarantees effective recognition and remuneration of rights holders, and enhances legal offers for end users while tackling piracy more effectively.

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