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Libre Accès : des outils pour vous aider

Billet publié  le 14 décembre 2016, par Thérèse HAMEAU sur

Différents répertoires et moteurs sont à la disposition des internautes pour trouver des informations à propos du Libre Accès ou rechercher des documents librement accessibles. Ils sont classés selon quatre thématiques :

  • politiques ou mandats des agences de financement ou des organismes de recherche / universités ;
  • politiques des éditeurs ;
  • revues en libre accès – voie dorée ;
  • archives ouvertes – voie verte.

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Open Access institutional archives: a quantitative study (2006-2010)

Nazim, M., & Mukherjee, B. Open Access institutional archives : a quantitative study (2006-2010), 2011. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, pp.317-324 :

Open access publishing is growing in importance, and, in parallel, the role of institutional archives has come to the forefront of discussion within the library community. The present study is an attempt to analyse the present trend of institutional archives worldwide. The factual data of each individual repository was collected from various Directories of Institutional Repositories by using survey method. Data was analysed in terms of quantity of institutional archives increased during last six years, countrywise contents of institutional archives, types of materials archived, subject coverage, software used, language of interface of institutional archives, host domains, and policy of institutional archives. The results of the study suggest healthy growth in terms of quantity of institutional archives’ increase worldwide, however, the development is more prevalent in developed countries than developing countries. The subject analysis of the institutional archives indicates that the contributors in the field of health and medicine are more interested to submit their materials in repositories. Currently the institutional archives mostly house traditional (print-oriented) scholarly publications and grey literature, using DSpace software and most of these materials were of English language. However, the policy of content inclusion, submission and preservation is yet to be well defined in institutional archives.

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