LERU (League of European Research Universities) launches statements on Open Access and Open data

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) has launched two statements on the importance of Open Scholarship: ‘Open Access to Research Publications’ and ‘Open Research Data’.

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The OA Interviews: Harvard’s Stuart Shieber

Billet posté le 3 décembre 2012 sur le blog Open and shut ? de Steven Harnard : http://poynder.blogspot.fr/2012/12/the-oa-interviews-harvards-stuart.html.

When in 1989 Stuart Shieber became a Harvard faculty member he was, for reasons he never fully understood, appointed to a series of library committees. Whatever the reason for his appointment, it was to prove an educational experience: As he sat through the various committee meetings, Shieber began to see the world through the lens of the library, a perspective that led him to the inevitable conclusion that there was something amiss in the world of scholarly communication.

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Lire l’interview complète : http://www.richardpoynder.co.uk/Shieber_Interview.pdf

The Balanced Value Impact Model

Billet posté le 23 octobre 2012 sur le blog When the Data hits the fan! The blog of Simon Tannerhttp://simon-tanner.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-balanced-value-impact-model.html

The Balanced Value Impact Model (BVI Model) draws evidence from a wide range of sources to provide a compelling account of the means of measuring the impact of digital resources and using evidence to advocate how change benefits people. The aim is to provide key information and a strong model for the following primary communities of use: the cultural, heritage, academic or creative industries.

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