Future Libraries : Workshops Summary and Emerging Insights

Future Libraries : Workshops Summary and Emerging Insights. ARUP, 2015. http://publications.arup.com/Publications/F/Future_Libraries.aspx

This report brings to light significant trends that will influence the future of public, academic and corporate libraries and outlines the implications on their design, operation and user experience. It is the result of a collective exploration through series of workshop events held in London, Melbourne, San Francisco and Sydney, attended by experts in the design and management of libraries. This piece of research presents a glimpse into the future. It explores what we may expect to see as the physical and the digital arena continues to evolve and aims to serve as a foundation for further discussion around the future role of libraries in the communities they serve.

Lire la suite : http://publications.arup.com/Publications/F/Future_Libraries.aspx

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Digital library (2015, 8 décembre). Future Libraries : Workshops Summary and Emerging Insights. Digital library. Consulté le 29 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/nn2n

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