Use of Social Media by the Library: Current Practices and Future Opportunities

Taylor & Francis Group. Use of Social Media by the Library : Current Practices and Future Opportunities, a white paper from Taylor & Francis, octobre 2014.

“From our survey, over 70% of libraries are using social media tools, and 60% have had a social media account for three years or longer. 30% of librarians are posting at least daily. Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular channels currently, but the range of channels being used is expanding rapidly; there is a particular acceleration of interest in visual channels such as YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat. Specialist research networking sites such as ResearchGate and Academia. edu are seen as having potential, but their perceived disconnect with publishers and the library community is a barrier. Currently there is limited differentiation in how social media channels are used; similar objectives and tactics apply across all social media tools, but it is envisaged that this will change rapidly with strategies becoming increasingly channel-specific.”

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