Research Information Literacy and Digital Scholarship final report, May 2013

Rapport “Research Information Literacy and Digital Scholarship (RILADS)” Avril 2013, de

Stéphane Goldstein et Charlie Inskip.

This document summarises the work to date (Oct 2012 – Apr 2013) on the RIN / SCONUL information literacy and digital scholarship project known as RILADS ( The aim of the project is to deliver a small number of key outputs contributing to a wider investigation into the support available to students, staff and researchers to enhance digital literacy. This report focuses on the first strand (RIN) looking at the identification and promotion of good practice in information training in UK HE. The promotion strategy, using social networks, print media and personal contact led to the gathering of a long list of 42 potential examples. Questionnaires, informed by the RIDLS criteria for describing and evaluating courses and resources, were sent to named people, predominantly from the area of Academic Library services, involved in delivering and developing these resources. 27 completed forms were returned.

The questions covered three main areas:

  • Who is the course or resource designed for, and why?
  • What knowledge, skills and competencies is the course or resource intended to provide?
  • How is the course or resource delivered?

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