Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire (Version 1)

Lowenberg, Daniella, Chodacki, John, Fenner, Martin, Kemp, Jennifer, & Jones, Matthew B. (2019). Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire (Version 1). Zenodo.

Research data is at the center of science. To realize the benefits of open data sharing practices and the impact of research data, we need a practical implementation of tools and community buy-in that will aid in the development of data metrics. We will benefit the most if our community-developed standards, tools, and services are guided by a shared direction and vision for a future of open, transparent, and trusted data metrics.

Approaches towards this future state must remain researcher-focused, have easily understandable motivations, and be easily implementable. In this book, we describe the journey towards open data metrics, prompting community discussion and providing implementation examples along the way.

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