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Expanding access to research publications

Report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings – the Finch Group, Juin 2012 :

The report of the Working Group chaired by Dame Janet Finch published on 18 June recommends a programme of action to enable more people to read and use the publications arising from research. Better, faster communication of research results will bring benefits for public services and for economic growth. It will also bring improved efficiency for researchers, and opportunities for more public engagement with research. The full report is available for downloading below, along with an executive summary.

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Pourquoi nous devons nous réapproprier la communication scientifique

Billet publié sur le blog Blogus operandi le 24 mai 2012 :

En 2006, des chercheurs de l’ULB et de l’Université de Toulouse ont formulé des recommandations à la Direction Générale Recherche de la Commission Européenne. Le rapport confirmait les nombreuses critiques de la part des bibliothèques universitaires américaines et européennes, sur les prix de plus en plus élevés et les conditions de moins en moins souples que les éditeurs scientifiques exigent pour les abonnements à des bouquets électroniques de revues scientifiques.

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Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories

Erway, Ricky. Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research (mars 2012) :

Lasting Impact: Sustainability of Disciplinary Repositories offers a quick environmental scan of the repository landscape and then focuses on disciplinary repositories—those subject-based, often researcher-initiated loci for research information. Seven of these repositories are profiled, with a focus on their varied business models. The report concludes with a discussion of sustainability, including funding models, factors that contribute to a repository’s success, and ways to bring in additional revenue. It is intended to help librarians support researchers in accessing and disseminating research information.

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Open Access institutional archives: a quantitative study (2006-2010)

Nazim, M., & Mukherjee, B. Open Access institutional archives : a quantitative study (2006-2010), 2011. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, pp.317-324 :

Open access publishing is growing in importance, and, in parallel, the role of institutional archives has come to the forefront of discussion within the library community. The present study is an attempt to analyse the present trend of institutional archives worldwide. The factual data of each individual repository was collected from various Directories of Institutional Repositories by using survey method. Data was analysed in terms of quantity of institutional archives increased during last six years, countrywise contents of institutional archives, types of materials archived, subject coverage, software used, language of interface of institutional archives, host domains, and policy of institutional archives. The results of the study suggest healthy growth in terms of quantity of institutional archives’ increase worldwide, however, the development is more prevalent in developed countries than developing countries. The subject analysis of the institutional archives indicates that the contributors in the field of health and medicine are more interested to submit their materials in repositories. Currently the institutional archives mostly house traditional (print-oriented) scholarly publications and grey literature, using DSpace software and most of these materials were of English language. However, the policy of content inclusion, submission and preservation is yet to be well defined in institutional archives.

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